Meetings with participants from all over the Africa and around the world, take place every day in our country.
Simultaneous interpretation allows everyone to speak their language and understand the interventions by all, precisely and without wasting time.
On a technical level, simultaneous translation requires the intervention of technicians, ensuring the implementation and operation of several elements. The main being:
  • One or several interpretation booths, soundproof, can accommodate 2 or 3 interpreters.
  • A transmission system, usually wireless, technology-based emission through infrared waves.
  • A set of individual receivers to allow each participant to hear the debate in the desired language.
Simultaneous translation can be achieved through different systems:
Wired system
Through a number of microphones “delegate” and “President” type, providing the ability to listen from 12 up to 32 different languages, simultaneously translated.
The most commonly used today. It can easily/easy broadcast to a large number of participants through a wireless installation. Each participant receives an individual receiver by which he can capture up to 32 languages simultaneously translated.
JHN Services Ltd can provide all those kind of Systems, by knowing the importance of each system.